WTF, America? What are you going to do? What are we going to do?

This is your historical moment. The problem is, it doesn’t look, taste, smell or feel anything like what you might have expected. It never does. It doesn’t read like a book. It doesn’t look like a program on the History Channel. It’s not the 60s or the Big War, or the Great Depression. It’s different.

The enemy is not going to appear in a uniform that says “ENEMY” on it. Your enemy is a successful CEO, a banker, and a wealthy industrialist or heir. The cops are not what hundreds and thousands of TV shows convinced you he is. You aren’t safer, now that your civil liberties have been dissolved with pen strokes and normalized lawlessness. The goals of the enemy are, however, the same. Evil psychopaths want to rule the world. They want you to acquiesce. They will insist you accept lives enslaved to their will, to their mad visions. They possess the means and desire to destroy your world, your society, your family, in order to create a New Order that situates them at its pinnacle. In that New Order the best you can be is a manager, a collaborator, a guard, a lackey, a technocrat, a shill or an entertainer. In their universal scheme, they are the stars, and you are nothing more than dark matter, expendable, a human resource.

The “diversity of tactics” discussion in Occupy is a good start. Eventually, it will have to evolve into “by any means necessary.” This is because the enemy, who is dimensional in nature and practice, has settled on that course. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, World War 3 has begun.

[CO-OP]: @b.j. spoke Gallery [BETA][Draft]


CO-OP is a dimensional art project. CO-OP is first and foremost a small collective show, an exhibit, as such. It is a template or model for occupational art practice, demonstrating one way that Occupy artists can partner with pre-existing arts organizations as an expression of solidarity. among 99% artists and our communities. CO-OP is a conceptual project, in which we will link co-operative food networks and artists within the medium of gift exchange for mutual aid and benefits.

OAS Node #1 @BAT HAUS [News & Updates]

  • News on #TITMOTA Programs 1+2
  • Updates on upcoming programming at the Occupational Art School
  • Eric Leiser on “Hologalactic” for our August 17 launch
  • Jeff Sugg for our first OAS class session

Novadic Song in 7+ Parts

Dearly beloved,

Please find attached this novadic song for voice, guitar, subway train, whistle, siren, drunk girls, wind, silence, etc. Free to download here; encouraged to play in any order:

This was recorded from 2:30-3:40am on a pocket-sized hotness while finding my way from a shabbat dinner in Queens to a hot couch in Harlem, using a borrowed guitar, stealing melodies from singers I love (e.g. Calamity & the Owl) and words from the subway walls (do not pull the emergency cord, Emergency Workers…).

Excerpted Lyrics:
Wacky guitar…wacky guitar…oh no…oh no ooOOooOOooooo…and I wonder why the song is outside…We’ve got nothing left to do but play music on an empty subway platform…and o wonder why, the rails are electrified, why the floors all have their lights on (2x)…inside our minds, inside the heart, inside the hope of being One…and don’t you wonder why the stars all healed inside, its not like were the last ones to consider the rain upon the sun…A Pyramid of muskets; a Teepee of guns…And don’t you wonder why the lights are left on all night long…[whistles like clock chimes finding their own time]…and I wonder why, and I wonder why, and I wonder why, this song is outside. Ohhhhhhh ohhhh ooOOOooooooOOoo…

[Animation by Paul McLean, generated by Zen circles and compressed, digitized and/or dimensional simulations thereof… for OAS Node #1]


“Rotterdam” [4 phases]

Animation, etc., by Paul McLean, photo by Wilson Novitzki

[Kittler in love again on the dark side of the moon] for DisciplineAriel

To mix this animation’s audio soundtrack, visit the linked site (DisciplineAriel) and play Wilson’s track(s).